3 Tips for Creating a Contact Us Page for Small Businesses

Starting a business is easy. The hard part is keeping your business alive, especially in times like crisis. One of the biggest reasons for new small businesses to fail is that they do not know how to get repeat business from customers.

A well-designed, easy-to-navigate Contact Us page is important to attract customers and bring them back. If you’re not the most design-savvy and are worried about communicating with customers, don’t worry. Here are three useful tips for creating a small business contact page.

  1. Getting international attention
    If you write, sell internationally, or do other intercontinental work, the Contact Us page may present difficulty. If you are based in the United States, a Canadian caller can be turned away from your business if they have no way to call you without a long distance fee.
    Fortunately, virtual calling services eliminate this problem. Getting a Canadian phone number and other international numbers is easy. Taking some time to add this feature to the list of email and phone numbers on your site helps you expand your business to other countries.
  2. Make your contact page accessible to all
    A commonly overlooked aspect of creating a Contact Us page is that not every customer has the same physical ability to view, read and process information.

The accessibility you recognize from your computer’s settings can only do so, leaving blind and visually impaired computer users, people with sensitivity to bright and colliding colors, and others in a difficult situation. Images without alternative text are impossible to parse with screen readers, and some fonts are confusing for dyslexics and others.

Disabilities need to use your services as much as anyone else does, but when websites are difficult to read, they are forced to go elsewhere to find information, goods and services. Following the accessibility guidelines and using the template is a good way to ensure that everyone stays in touch without any problems.

  1. Think Professional Design
    Throwing together a contact page can seem like an easy task. After all, this is your company’s building address, email and phone number, and perhaps an embedded contact form. You can make one in five minutes, right?

Sure, you can, but the Contact Us page, which looks like a middle school student made it to Microsoft Word, is not going to get the most value from your contact page. If you do not have design experience, it is a good idea to hire a web designer to do the work.

Aesthetics matter more than you think, and a sleek and professional contact page gives our customers confidence in your business.

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Now when you read these three great tips to create a contact page for us, you can improve your website and get attracted to more business. Once you complete your contact page, have a look at our other articles to improve your website and other aspects of your business.


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