Top 20 Websites to Learn Coding for Free

Learning to code has grown from just a hobby to a career in a few years. Today, you can learn coding online, completely for free. Gone are the days where learning to code was reserved for a select few, or spending huge sums of money.

Even if you have no desire to go into the field of development, learning a programming language can be very beneficial:

This will help you manage websites better.

It will reduce dependence on external developers for your own projects. 
you the freedom to easily create applications, websites and other projects whether you start your career as a programmer. Want to do, learn to build a website, or create a project for entertainment, this post is for you. Now, dive into the best places online where you can learn coding for free.

1. BitDegreebitdefree login page 

BitDegree offers a ton of free courses ranging from programming to game development to learning coding with a girl on a lap .

They offer standard online courses and game courses. Gamified courses help bring achievement and interaction in the learning process. All you have to do is choose your language and start learning. A variety of programming languages ​​are included, but the most popular ones are highlighted below:

There are transparent awards and an achievement system that helps businesses recruit technical talent and measure course success.

2. Courseraonline offers free 

coding-based courses, tutorials, and resources taught by professors at leading universities , for free with Coursera You will find hundreds of different coding-related courses to choose from.

He partnered with some of the best teachers at top tier universities to develop these courses. Which means you are learning how to code with some great resources. Every course on the site is completely free, but, if you want to get a certification, you have to pay for it.

You will get different types of courses available:

IoT Programming Introduction to 
C Language 
to learn to code for free Code Academycodeacademy Login Page 

The interactive learning approach lets you quickly apply what you have learned. More than 300 million hours of free coding material are available to take working programmers from full start.

Some of the languages ​​you will be able to learn at Code Academy include:

as well as many other courses are available, but the languages ​​above are the main focus.

4. Make MIT Open Courtware Coding Online for Free with MIT Open Courtware The 

OpenCourseWare initiative brings all of MIT’s undergraduate and graduate courses online. You can get MIT level education even without coming to MIT, provided you have the motivation to complete the work.

There are many different subjects available, one of which is computer science. You can go through degree programs, or take individual courses.

For example, you will find a variety of introductory computer programming courses such as Python, C and C ++, and Java.

5. Free Code Campline with Free Code 

Camp Free Code Camp is all about building real-life relationships and building a community around programming education. It provides a chance to learn coding by participating in various challenges. You will also get access to programming tutorials and courses to help you complete each challenge.

Once you have some skills, you will be able to apply it in the real world by building traditional projects and coding for non-profits. Some of the languages ​​and skills covered include:

Git and Github 
There is a community forum with other people who are learning with you. And you have the option of meeting other coders who live in your city to exchange knowledge.

The plural site, formally known as Code School, is an online learning platform that offers both free and paid courses to learn coding for free Plural Sightplural Sight login page It currently affects more than one million students worldwide.

The stage is organized into different learning pathways and defined by languages ​​and skills. His approach to education is as follows:

You choose your education route which is created by professional instructors and works through the content. You practice what you have learned directly in your browser window and get instant feedback.


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